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Equal opportunity and diversity

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The principles of equal opportunity and diversity are fundamental to our continuing success. Equality of opportunity is part of our philosophy and an essential feature of our practice.

We treat all members of the firm, client personnel and suppliers and anyone visiting our offices equally, regardless of their age, race, disability, religion or belief, marital status, gender, race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origin, or sexual orientation.

Our vision for success is to:

  • create a culture where everyone feels valued and respected;
  • bring together teams of people with differing and complimentary skills, ideas and experience;
  • ensure people from diverse backgrounds feel motivated to develop their careers with us;
  • continually develop better and more creative solutions for our clients; and
  • support the evolution of a legal profession that reflects the diversity of the communities we seek to serve

To achieve our vision, we have three objectives. To

  • broaden access to the firm and legal profession as a whole;
  • create a culture of inclusion and respect;
  • monitor our progress
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