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How we work

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Grigoryan & Partners is one of a small group of truly integrated legal practices. We are present in Armenia but do work across all the centres that are critical to maintaining a vibrant practice focused on the world's flow of capital. Our clients demand lawyers who will add value to business deals, and who can reply rapidly to difficult questions.


Our lawyers specialise in specific areas of law and specific business sectors. The teams of experts that are put together meet the experience and skills required by each assignment. This enables you the client to have constant access to our collective knowledge and expertise through the lawyer you work with. He or she will put together the team of specialists the assignment requires, and will ensure that your business objectives always guide our work.

But this is not enough to meet the requirements of our clients in a rapidly changing commercial world. As the world changes, so legal issues change and new specialist areas are created. We therefore invest time and energy in analysing the new skills and competence that you the client will require in the future, so that we are ready when those needs arise.


”One for all, all for one.” In order to give our clients the best service possible, Grigoryan & Partners is a True Partnership. The profit from our business activities is shared between all the partners irrespective of who has done the work or had the contact with the client. Thus, the individual lawyer has no self-interest in handling a case on his/her own, but puts together a team which best favours the client. A True Partnership contributes to a good working environment with a joint responsibility for the clients and shared use of the competence which has been built up.

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