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Commercial Law

Grigoryan & Partners has a strong and broadly based domestic and international commercial law practice.  We have a team of lawyers who specialise in drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial contracts. Our aim is to always to add value to our clients' businesses by assisting them to achieve their commercial objectives in the most practical way using our expertise and commercial awareness. We are particularly conscious of the need to protect and promote clients' legal interests effectively in the context of urgent and sensitive commercial situations. Our team is familiar with the range of specialist issues which can arise in day-to-day commercial dealings, such as competition law issues and the need to protect intellectual property rights.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our mergers and acquisitions lawyers regularly act for a wide range of major Armenian and international clients, from public and private corporations, funds and banks to insurance companies and governmental agencies. Our lawyers specialised in mergers and acquisitions are known for their technical excellence and pragmatic attitude. We aim to assist our clients in reaching pragmatic commercial decisions on a properly informed basis. With an excellent overview of the market and an experience base that is both deep and broad, we also play a key role in our clients’ strategic and structural processes. Active involvement in transactions from the very beginning enabl0es to us to add maximum value.

Private Equity

Grigoryan & Partners act as a one-stop-shop for all types of private equity companies, whatever their field and whatever their focus.

We have extensive experience of assisting management teams to establish private equity funds. We tailor fund structures and fund agreements to meet the client's requirements, playing an active part in the entire establishment process. We also examine fund structures and negotiate fund terms for Armenian and foreign investors on an ongoing basis. A key element of our role is to act for Armenian and international funds when they invest in and divest portfolio companies, and also to advise on the financing of those companies. We possess know-how and understanding of the private equity fund environment that is central to the high-quality advice we provide on investment in, as well as divestment and financing of, portfolio companies. We also possess broad knowledge of the key investment sectors and are familiar with investment practice in the market.

We have established a network of legal and other advisers so that we can monitor and understand the latest trends in the international private equity market. The collective experience and know-how we are thus able to share with our clients enable us to quickly provide them with reliable information on private equity issues in all relevant jurisdictions.

Regulatory and Public Affairs

Our Regulatory and Public Affairs Practice helps business to understand, anticipate and influence government policy, regulation and decision making. This enables business to prevent or reduce the impact of Government action that would be adverse to its interests, or to support action that would be beneficial to it. It also allows clients to improve their strategic planning.

Our objective is to help our clients to achieve a competitive advantage and minimize regulatory risk. The provision of public affairs advice is an integral part of the comprehensive legal service offered by Grigoryan & Partners. We believe that with proper forewarning business may be able to influence government decision taking and avoid future costs. With a full understanding of the impact of government decisions, business can plan for the future more effectively.

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